data harvest

A new project, currently in development, focuses on the relationship between big data and social enterprise and will be a comparative study of Bangladesh and Scotland. Both countries boast strong digital/data-driven innovation policies and complex, well-established social enterprise sectors. This interdisciplinary project will combine ethnographic methods with data analytics and design informatics to explore (and produce practical, interactive tools regarding) how big data practices might contribute to more inclusive social economies.

A period of pilot research (March-July 2019, funded by the University of Edinburgh) supported the formulation of this project:

The PI (Juli Huang) consulted 1:1 with 28 social enterprises, intermediaries, and government officials in Scotland and Bangladesh regarding challenges facing the sector and the scope for potential research directions.

Research Assistants Declan Murray, Inés Escobar-Borruel, Parvathy Nair, Paige Chisholm, and Alain Zaragoza Alvarez conducted a mapping exercise of the social enterprise sector in Scotland and explored key emerging issues.